Adding a appender to log4rs at runtime


I'm a noob to rust, i'm writing a program that logs to syslog and optionally (if the user pass a parameter) logs to the console.

This is how the logger is configured

let stdout = ConsoleAppender::builder().build();
let syslog = Box::new(
    .openlog("cronrunner", log4rs_syslog::LogOption::LOG_PID,log4rs_syslog::Facility::Daemon)
let config = Config::builder()
    .appender(Appender::builder().build("stdout", Box::new(stdout)))
        .build("cronrunner", LevelFilter::Info))

let handle = log4rs::init_config(config).unwrap();

If I uncomment .appender("stdout") I get logs to both syslog and the console :slight_smile: , how can I make this dynamically depending on a parameter passed to the program?

Also I'd like to change the LevelFilter at runtime, how can I do that? (just passing a String with the LevelFilter to build() does not work

Should be as simple as this:

let mut builder = Logger::builder().appender("syslog");
if should_log_to_console {
    builder = builder.appender("stdout");
builder.additive(false).build("cronrunner", LevelFilter::Info)

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