Add methods to Future to peek its data

How to put a Future that borrows &mut Data and an owned value of Data in the same struct?

struct Data(u8);
struct FutureWrapper<F, D>(F, D);
fn main() {
    let data = Data(1);
    let data_mut = data.borrow_mut();
    let f = async { 
        data_mut += 1; 
        // a bunch of other async stuff
        // ...
        // ...
        data.mut += 100; 
    let wrapper = FutureWrapper(f, data);

I figured they live and die in the same object. Maybe the order in which they are dropped matters? Maybe because either field can be mutated and invalidated? What concessions do I need to allow this?

Maybe there is a better way, so here is why I am doing this.

trait Controlled: Future {
    fn continue_or_not(self: Box<Self>) -> Option<Box<dyn Controlled<Output = Self::Output>>>;

impl<F: Future + Unpin, D: Unpin> Future for FutureWrapper<F, D> {
    type Output = F::Output;

    fn poll(mut self: Pin<&mut Self>, cx: &mut Context<'_>) -> Poll<Self::Output> {

impl<F: Future + Unpin> Task for FutureWrapper<F, Data> 
    FutureWrapper<F, Data>: Future
    fn continue_or_not(self: Box<Self>) -> Option<Box<dyn Controlled<Output = Self::Output>>> {
        if self.1.0 > 0 {
        } else {

So I want a Future that when it is in-between .await calls, I can call continue_or_not on it or some other flavor of intermediate method to either cancel & drop the Future or produce another one (that also impls Controlled) or continue with the same one.

fn foo<F: Future>(f: FutureWrapper<F, Data>) {
    let x = select! {
        _ = sleep(Duration::from_millis(1000)) => None,
        x = (&mut f).await => Some(x),

     if let None = x {
         let new_f = f.continue_or_not();
         // etc etc

I guess this comes down to creating a struct with fields that reference each other.

struct Struct<T>(&T, T);

fn foo() {
    let t = u8;
    Struct(&t, t); // error

This is called a self-referential type, and you can't do this in safe Rust. You should break up your type into owning and borrowing parts instead.

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