Actix-web server, when used with rust-nodejs, does not terminate in response to signals

As per the title, I'm hitting this unfortunate interaction that I've been unable to fix. I hardly even know where to look at.

Generally signal handlers are global, so if both rust-nodejs and actix-web tries to set one, they will probably interfere with each other.

That seems to confirm my guess. In this case, is there anything that can be done to work around the problem?

I would look into disabling the signal handler in one of them.

Hi @doublequartz just curious, what exactly you mean by "rust-nodejs"?

I searched and don't seems to be a thing...
This is a case of crate name != repository name. I'm not sure about canonical name.

Ok, thanks, I didn't know about that crate.

Update: since patching node.js is beyond my ability, I decided to do away with it and use Deno instead. Now my server is rustier... and running correctly.
I feel I should have discovered it earlier.

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