[actix web] return error in middleware

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

i wrote i middleware that checks for user token, and decides wither to allow access to resource or not,
the call function looks like this

    fn call(&mut self, mut req: ServiceRequest) -> Self::Future {
        let mut svc = self.service.clone();

        Box::pin(async move {
            let mut body = BytesMut::new();
            let mut stream = req.take_payload();

            while let Some(chunk) = stream.next().await {

            let json: Value = serde_json::from_str(std::str::from_utf8(&body[..])?)?;
            let mut is_valid = false;

            match json.get("token") {
                Some(token) => {
                    match Token::check(web::Json(Token { token: token.to_string() })) {
                        Ok(true) => { is_valid = true; },
                        Ok(false) => { is_valid = false; },
                        Err(_) => { is_valid = false; }
                None => { is_valid = false; }

            if is_valid {
                return Ok(svc.call(req).await?)

        // RETURN A F*** ERROR

i spent 5 hours now trying to figure out how to return an error,this is my first application in rust and actix

i will appreciate any guidance, thank you

How is Self::Future defined? I assume you have declared which error type you are using somewhere outside the snippet. In general I believe you should be able to just put


at the line where you want to fail, but the exact error constructor you need depends on the error type you have chosen for the future.

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