Actix-web Library / Middleware to encrypt REST / POST data

I use actix-web as REST API server on my project.
Client browser can send requests in JSON format to server and the actix-web server will reply in kind.

But I don't like strangers to sniff around the data being sent and received by the client. In production I don't want the data to be read easily using chrome developer tools (F12) or equivalents

In node.js I can implement a middleware to stringify the payload into JSON string, decrypt, and encrypt the payload with crypto (jquery - Javascript encryption for JSON object - Stack Overflow)

Is there any already available rust package that do payload encryption out-of-the-box or do I need to implement it myself ?

What I understand is that you don't want the web page to see the data after the response during debug. At present, tide, actix-web and hyper don't have encryption functions in this regard. They are just web frameworks, and you may need to use find JSON data encryption and implement it yourself.

However, I think you must have added serde crate. you can try serde-encrypt

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