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I am writing a fullstack web app with actix-web and svelte, i just started writing the frontend and when i tried to implement login i got a CORS error:

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The same-origin policy does not allow reading the remote resource from (Cause: "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" CORS header is missing). Status code: 400.

I attached a .wrap(cors) to the App which makes the GET request to /example work just fine but the POST request to /login does not work (the code for the login function is on the stackoverflow page).
If i take out the Content-Type from the POST request it still returns 400 but it does not return a CORS error anymore.

The CORS setup can be seen on the stackoverflow page. I have researched quite a lot on this topic but i couldn't find anything that helped me with this.

If anyone has info or examples please share. does not count as an example since i followed it's instructions and it did not work.

You can also take a look at the Response recieved from actix-web on the stackoverflow page.
There you can see that actix-web provides almost no headers.

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