Accessing associated constants from variable

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Is it possible to access an associated constant of a trait implementation without explicitly naming the type?

Playground link

My goal is to access C without using S, only s

Not that I’m aware, but if you’re inside a generic function, you can use the type parameter name:

fn f<A:T>(x:A)->usize {
    <A as T>::C    // A::C might also work; not sure

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I've thought about it, but I need to use C in a const context to define another type, and using a function won't really work in that context. (i.e. you couldn't assign the result of this function to a const, even if the function was marked const)

The function isn’t important, it’s just one way to get a generic name for a type. You can always do <Some<Complicated,Type>::Expression as T>::C. I don’t think there’s currently any support for any unnameable types in constexprs so you should be able to specify it somehow (though it may be extremely cumbersome).

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