Access struct attributes by string

Is there a way I can access an attribute of a struct by a string?

No. Names of fields of a struct don’t even exist in the running program. They’re completely removed at compile time.

You can map names to fields manually (and write a macro if you need this often):

match name {
   "foo" =>,
   "bar" =>,
   "baz" => s.baz,
   _ => panic!("unknown field"),

However, depending on what you’re really trying to achieve, there may be better ways than accessing fields by string.

For example, if you’re reading some kind of input into a struct, see serde. If you’re mapping options to values, perhaps a regular Rust enum would work.


Here is a method that does what you asked, but as @kornel wrote there is going to be a better way to do what you are trying to do. If you say more about your use case then people can provide better guidance.

extern crate serde_derive;

extern crate serde;
extern crate serde_value;

use serde::Serialize;
use serde::de::DeserializeOwned;
use serde_value::Value;

struct Justmike2000 {
    a: String,
    b: String,
    c: u64,

fn get_field_by_name<T, R>(data: T, field: &str) -> R
    T: Serialize,
    R: DeserializeOwned,
    let mut map = match serde_value::to_value(data) {
        Ok(Value::Map(map)) => map,
        _ => panic!("expected a struct"),

    let key = Value::String(field.to_owned());
    let value = match map.remove(&key) {
        Some(value) => value,
        None => panic!("no such field"),

    match R::deserialize(value) {
        Ok(r) => r,
        Err(_) => panic!("wrong type?"),

fn main() {
    let j = Justmike2000 {
        a: "string A".to_owned(),
        b: "string B".to_owned(),
        c: 1,

    let a: String = get_field_by_name(&j, "a");
    println!("a = {:?}", a);

    let b: String = get_field_by_name(&j, "b");
    println!("b = {:?}", b);

    let c: u64 = get_field_by_name(&j, "c");
    println!("c = {:?}", c);

Thanks for your answer: I was going to learn how to do that with a macro, but in my simple case is better your match solution