About the Embedded category


This category is for discussions about embedded development with Rust.

Embedded development covers bare metal programming, RTOS and embedded OS development, embedded Linux programming, microcontrollers, single board computers, sensors, radios, control systems, real time systems, robotics and pretty much anything where software is specialized for some particular hardware.

Before you start a new thread make sure to:

  • Check the embedded Rust bookshelf. If you are looking for resources to learn about embedded development with Rust the bookshelf has you covered.
  • Search through the existing threads. People may already by discussing the topic you have in mind!

Finally, I’d like to remind you about Rust’s Code of Conduct which applies to this category and forum. Be excellent to each other!

This category is an experiment run by the embedded WG to see how a forum, in addition to our IRC channel (#rust-embedded @ irc.mozilla.org), helps us and the community interact with each other. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this new category! Please share them in this thread.


The bookshelf link gives me an 404 error.


Thanks for letting me know. I have fixed the link.