About Rust 1.1 (beta)

The version 1.1 of Rust is available on beta, but except the six weeks cycle, I didn't find any explanations about how beta channel was working.

Is the beta channel feature freeze? If so is there any changelog available?

please check out Release channels, git branching, and the release process - Rust Internals

Basically, for 1.1, we may or may not backport one or two more things, but when this happens for 1.2, this will be a freeze.

We don't have a changelog yet, but in the future, it should probably get made before the branch happens.

Thank you. I used to read this but i missed this part :

Patches that should be backported to beta are rare, so reviewers should be selective. Potential beta candidates include fixes for security issues, fixes for regressions, major fixes to new features, and last-minute re-gating of new features due to beta feedback.