About `link_section`

How to check the variable AGE is in .data.static segment after building?

#[link_section = ".data.static"]
static AGE: u8 = 5;

fn main() {
    println!("{}", AGE);

Binary dumping tools like objdump or MSVCs dumpbin can pretty easily show the section details of a binary (library, shared object/dll, or executable), that will at least show that the section was created.

You'd need debugging tools to figure out if the variable actually got created in that section of it's not a library though, either running under a debugger and figuring out if the RVA of the section equals the loaded virtual address minus the module virtual address, or looking up the symbol RVA in the debug symbols. I would think that's pretty uneccesary if you can see the custom section though.

I'll also note that on Windows, there's an 8 character limit on image (exe/dll) section names.


Got it, thanks!

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