About crypto, nft, minting

Hello everyone, im new to this community.

I want to make a limited edition NFT collection. But i need rustlang developer. It must be mint from directly the contract adress.

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Are you asking someone to do this for you for free so you can make money from it ?

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Of course no. When I find someone who agrees, I can talk terms.

You could also try sites like Upwork for paid work

Yes, but the people on this website seem a bit professional and get paid up front. I am more looking for a partnership within the framework of friendship. Yes we can do that. Why not. I'm looking for a person who says let's do it.

Closing this thread because I don't think back-and-forth comments on job postings are very useful. Just contact the poster if you are interested.

I'll work on adding a separate job posting category at some point with more specific guidelines, so people can choose whether or not to see these posts on the main forum page.