Abort cargo run in `btleplug`

I am trying to run some examples from device/btleplug to detect bluetooth devices.

But when trying this example specifically, I get directly abort cargo run.

I don't know what this is due to and worse, where I should start to investigate!
I am using dependencies below. Using branch dev was recommended by the authors ^^!

btleplug = {git = "https://github.com/deviceplug/btleplug.git", branch="dev"}
tokio = { version = "1", features = ["full"] }
pretty_env_logger = "0.4.0"
futures = "0.3.15"

Thanks a lot!

you forgot to mention what operating system you have. I have tested the example on Linux and it works.

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Oups, yes, I have mac os Big Sur, of course (it's the worseWORST).

The reply to that (for anyone running into this problem) is to give Bluetooth access to your terminal.
To be documented shortly in the btleplug repo.

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