A tool collection to assist development written in Rust

I'm writting a project to provide a collection of development tools:

  • hex / UTF-8 string conversion
  • timestamp / date conversion
  • number 2/8/10/16 conversion
  • hex / base58 conversion
  • hex / base58check conversion
  • hex / base64 conversion
  • url encode / decode
  • number codec
  • hash (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, RIPEMD-160)
  • hex / binary conversion
  • UTF-8 string / unicode conversion

It's a command-line tool, which can assist your development work.


UTF-8 string to hex:

dtool s2h abc

URL encode:

dtool ue a+b

String to hex:

dtool s2h abc

And It's a good sample for RUST learners, which shows how to write some useful code in RUST.


cargo install dtool


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