A speedtest utility in rust

I'm working on an utility for running speed test. https://github.com/opensourcegeek/stest

I want to start breaking it into separate modules with tests, I'm quite new to language so I've written in the easiest way(procedural) to get it to run. There is some code duplication which I can nicely refactor with tests. I'd like to start thinking about designing with Rust's toolset like traits/structs/enums and how I'd go about modelling certain problems in Rust. Any ideas are welcome.

Just a feedback on what I found quite hard to figure out or making it to work,

- XML parsing, I fell back to just building a HashMap instead of generating Structs from XML. Let me know if I'm using it wrong - I'd like something like serde-json which can deserialize XML into structs.
- Lifetime parameters in functions/trait methods wasn't quite straight forward. 
- No real way to get epoch with standard time library was frustrating.
- I was looking for a way to do timeouts when joining threads but that doesn't exist. I need to change code to use channels.

Other than that I really enjoy solving problems with Rust. I want to keep doing more!