A simple qustion regarding reference

I am going through "rust by practice", here is my quesiton
Are ref or & same when get a reference?

let c = '中';  
let r1 = &c;
let ref r2 = c;
let c = '中';  
let r1 = &c;
let r2 = &c;

Yes, let ref r2 = c; and let r2 = &c; do the same thing. The latter (using &) is more idiomatic, while ref can be useful as part of a more complicated pattern e. g. in a match.

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Strictly speaking, ref in the pattern (i.e. on the left side of let, before the arrow in the match arm, in the function signature, etc.) is the same as & in the value, while & in the pattern roughly corresponds to dereferencing of the value.


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