A simple pure RUST live media server(RTMP/RTSP/HLS/HTTP-FLV)

Xiu is a simple,high performance and secure live media server written in pure Rust, it now supports popular live protocols like RTMP/RTSP/HLS/HTTP-FLV, you can deploy it as a stand-alone server or a cluster using the relay feature.


  • Support multiple platforms(Linux/MacOS/Windows).
  • Support RTMP.
    • Support for publishing or subscribing H.264/AAC streams.
    • Support GOP cache which can be configured in the configuration file.
    • Support for protocol conversion from RTMP to HTTP-FLV/HLS.
    • Support cluster.
  • Support RTSP.
    • Support for publishing or subscribing H.265/H.264/AAC stream over both TCP(Interleaved) and UDP.
    • Support for protocol conversion from RTSP to RTMP/HLS/HTTP-FLV.
  • Support HTTP-FLV/HLS protocols(Transferred from RTMP/RTSP).
  • Support configuring the service using command line or a configuration file.
  • Support HTTP API/Notifications.
    • Support querying stream information.
    • Support notification of stream status.
  • Support token authentications.
  • Support recording live streams into HLS files(m3u8+ts).

For more detailed information please browse the GitHub page


Adding HLS will be a nice touch!

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