A request to compile the program.


I have problems installing the rust environment on my Windows machine (link.exe not found).

I need to compile only one program written in this language:

If anyone of you could compile a program for me - I will be very grateful.

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link.exe is part of the Visual C++ Build Tools. So you should probably install that.


Not working.

I repeat the request for compilation.

There should be an app called the “Developer Command Prompt for VS 2017”. Try using it instead of plain cmd.exe?

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Hm… it’s possible but I could swear Rust knows how to find the VS Installation.

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Here you go, current master branch cross-compiled for x86_64-pc-windows-gnu:

Would still suggest that you try to get it compiling yourself, as that would be useful if you need to build a new release, but okay :woman_shrugging:

Thank you, but I am talking about compiling for linux.
Using the rust compiler via the cargo build command
I have Ubuntu 14 truthy in the live-cd version and I want to run the flex program there.

This program was created for linux.

I think you should have been more clear about that, then !

It’s possible to cross-compile from Windows to Linux, though link.exe is not going to help you, you’d need a gcc linker. It’s a hassle and I don’t understand in this situation why you’d want to. Would recommend using rustup in Ubuntu and building there, as it’s the most straightforward way to use rust.


I apologize for ambiguity.
The purpose of installing rustup was only to compile this one program.
I have Ubuntu on live-cd (it is known, limiting RAM) and I thought that it would be easier to install the compiler RUST on windows to be able to compile only this program (under Linux) controlled by commands from the terminal.
I did not know that installing rushup on windows will cause problems.
I thought that if I had a rustup on Windows, I would be able to compile a Linux program.

Well, that’s not what’s stated above. Rustup on windows is just fine, it’s using it to cross-compile to Linux with the MSVC toolchain that’s the problem. If you want to cross-compile to linux, your options are:

  • Using linux
    • In the WSL bash
    • On a separate os
  • By using gcc (Which isn’t as straightforward as vc++ tools)

I’d recommend the former’s first option (Using a WSL bash) as it’s faster than actually switching/rebooting/using a file hosing service to pass between machines, etc. Not to mention that installing packages for Ubuntu is alot easier than in Windows for system-specific dependencies. But that’s just the grubby details, Ubuntu/WSL is a great way to use rust on windows and supporting linux!


That’s a screenshot of Windows 7. Not happening.

I’m sorry, could you expand? I used to do it on a daily basis to be able to compile for Android.

PS by WSL I mean Windows Subsystem for Linux

WSL is a great idea (didn’t think of it myself) however it only exists for W10

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Here’s a x86_64-linux-gnu version. It’s been compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS but seems to work on trusty too:


Ahh, that makes more sense…
But I don’t think that’s Windows 7, if I had to choose, I’d probably say that’s Windows 8, because of the default background and odd frame buttons around the window. Also, not to mention that if it still has the default background, they probably haven’t changed the frame style. Just my guess though. And anyway, WSL doesn’t exist on Windows 8/8.1 so my point still stands annulled.

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