A recipe to make Rust DT 0.2.2 work in Eclipse

A recipe to make RustDT 0.2.2 work in Eclipse

I had some difficulties for installing RustDT with Eclipse so I am sharing the steps I made to make it work. This is an example of something that did work for me.


Here are the requirements that did work for me.

  • Debian 8: Jessie Amd64
  • Java version: 1.8.0_51
  • Eclipse 4.5 build: I20150603-2000 (I have Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers)


Install Eclipse PDE

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Go to Help > Install New Software...
  3. Choose "All available software" in "Work with" field
  4. In type filter type "PDE"
  5. A check box should appear for the PDE plugin. Check it and proceed to the installation.

Install Rust DT

  1. Go to RustDT/RustDT
  2. Follow the instruction there up to "Running the tests in Eclipse" exclusively

Install Racer

Go to phildawes/racer, clone the repos and follow the instruction on the page.

Set Eclipse

Use the Eclipse started the Install Rust DT step.

Go to Window > Preferences > Rust and fill the fields:

  • Directory: I have /usr/local
  • Rust 'src' Directory: I have *something*/rustc-1.2.0/src this comes from The Rust Programming Language
  • Executable: I have *something*/racer/target/release/racer

Set a new Rust Project

Now you can set a new Cargo project:

  1. File > New > Rust Cargo Project
  2. Fill as needed
  3. Create a new Launch configuration Run > Run Configuration... > Rust Application and click the New button at the top
  4. Uncheck Use Build Target Settings
  5. Type target/debug/test in the field

Now you should be able to launch the application from the Run menu in the toolbar.

@brson I'm pretty sure you manage these discourse instances.

These types of things are useful. There really should be a "How to", "Tutorial", or something similar category in discourse. Then people can just browse to see if something already has a tutorial.

Yes, I think so. Maybe adding a tutorial tag would do the trick.

I added a message to do so.

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Pierre, I appreciate your efforts, but I fear some aspects in this guide can be a bit confusing.

First of all, is this a guide to install the 0.2.2 release of RustDT, or the HEAD version from the Git repo ?

I did clone the repo and started with the head. My post is an example of what I had to do to make it work. I just hope that this information can be useful. It can be improved or it can help create better documentation.

Ah I see. Well I do hope the standard documentation is enough to get RustDT users started, when using a released version.

I did recently add RustDT configurations steps to the doc ( https://github.com/RustDT/RustDT/blob/latest/documentation/Installation.md#configuration) because some users rightfully complained they were getting confused without it. (the Configuration section will be moved to the UserGuide on the next release though)