A question about the lifetime

TL;DR I passed some parameter by value to a function, and return some other value (rather than reference), but the compiler complained about a lifetime problem.

The minimum reproduction sample code is placed at

I’m implementing a kmeans algorithm.

In order to do that, I need to first create an Inner Product space trait, which represents a type that can calculate inner product between any two vars of this type, based on which distance can be defined.

The definition of the trait is

//an inner product space is firstly linear space, 
//so that Add, Sub operators between two elements in the space should be defined. 
//Besides, the mul operator to a scalar should be defined. 

//So that Add, Sub and Mul traits should be implemented beforehand.

pub trait InnerProdSpace<'a, Scalar>
        Scalar: Float,
        Self: 'a + Sized,
 //I don't want the op consume the input values 
//so I require &Self, rather Self to impl the Add trait. Same for Sub and Mul.
//As a result, lifetime parameter 'a appeared in the trait's definition.

        &'a Self: Add<Output = Self>,
        &'a Self: Sub<Output = Self>,
        &'a Self: Mul<Scalar, Output = Self>,
    fn dot(&self, rhs: &Self) -> Scalar;//inner product should be implemented by user

    fn distance_to(&'a self, rhs: &'a Self) -> Scalar
        let d=self-rhs;

Then I write the kmeans function as follows

pub fn kmeans<'a, Scalar, T>(points: Vec<T>, mut seeds: Vec<T>) -> Vec<Vec<T>>
    T: InnerProdSpace<'a, Scalar>,
    &'a T: Add<Output = T>,
    &'a T: Sub<Output = T>,
    &'a T: Mul<Scalar, Output = T>,
    Scalar: Float,
    let k = seeds.len();

    for p in &points {
//               ^^^^^^^ borrowed value does not live long enough
        let aa:Vec<_> = seeds

    //place an empty result here to make the compiler happy

You are having lifetime issues because of your trait definition. Instead of using concrete lifetimes there, use HRTB (Higher Rank Trait Bounds) for the trait bounds on the operators.

for<'a> &'a Self: Add<Output=Self>

This means, “for all lifetimes this constraint is satified.”

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Thanks, it works.