A (may be?) fork of a brilliant win-32/Linux/BSD i386/amd64/arm GUI library & IDE as GUI lib for Rust


The library has excellent database support, advanced skinning, appearance adjusting, printing & reports, layouts, grids fillable by any widgets etc, RPC and remote forms, secure channels, etc. Fonts (type and size) can be assigned by startup command line of application.
Very compact. Almost fully lacks documentation.
only needs core {OS and GUI} libraries to work.

The web site: http://msegui.com/
The main repo: https://gitlab.com/mseide-msegui/mseide-msegui.git
This (Free Pascal) project were created and maintained by a single person (Martin Schreiber) who suddenly died in Nov 2018

This is Martin’s 90% made work on more suitable language for the msee+msegui.

This is a multiple commmiters repo of some documentation, working and example projects , extensions, testcase etc. Many of them are obsolete (don’t compile because of breaking code changes)

The famliy of Martin has passwords to his repos and agrees to share these to new maintainers and forkers if needed.
The current community around this library ins’t skilled enough to continue developing the existing (Free Pascal) code base.