A little tweek to the docs to let new rustacians know where to find offline docs

Hello everyone,
I am currently learning rust, after having spent quite some time with Java and other high level programming languages. I wanted to learn something rather low level, but I did not feel brave enough to learn C++ (I am a student and I only have so much free time on my hand). For me the first thing I do when learning a new programming language is to read the documentation.
Soon a weekend came where I knew I would not have internet and I wanted to have an offline version of it. At that time I did not know of
"rustup doc"
though. So I tried to get the documentation via the print function of the documentation web page. This worked in theory, but was infuriating (browser crashed multiple times, docs were not in right format, etc...).
A search in the internet reveals that indeed this feature is obvious enough to make me feel really stupid when I found out about it shortly after, but I am not the only one who missed it.
My proposal would be to include a hint towards "rustup doc" at the start of the documentation overview at https://doc.rust-lang.org/.

Something on the lines of:
"if you allready have installed rust you can look at an offline version of the rust documentation via typing "rustup doc" into the console"
would be perfect.
I did not know where to ask for this change so I decided to write it in the community forum

Sincerely, Julius
Ps.: I excuse myself for any misstypings in advance.


I think this suggestion is great, thank you!

That page is located here: rust/index.md at master · rust-lang/rust · GitHub so the rust-lang/rust repo is likely the right place to file a bug.

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Thank you