A lifetime annotation problem

I have two structs:

struct MyStruct1<'a, T> {
    data: &'a T,

struct MyStruct2<T> {
    data: T,

Can I make the two structs into one, like:

struct MyStruct<'a, T> {
    data<'a>: T

So I can:

let a_vec = vec![1i32, 2, 3];

let my_struct1 = MyStruct { data: a_vec };
let my_struct2 = MyStruct { data: &a_vec }; 

A bare type parameter T also covers references (because it doesn't constrain the type in any particular way), so MyStruct2 suffices in itself.


Thanks very much.
One more asking: If I use MyStruct2, how can I define a funciton as following:

fn get_part<T, N>(my_struct2: &MyStruct2<T>) -> Vec<N>
//T maybe a Vec<N> or a &Vec<N>, so the function can return Vec<N>
    N: Clone
    T: A Trait  that can be indexed in, and the element is type N

Something like T: AsRef<[N]> could work for your use-case.

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