A lexing and parsing toolkit for Rust

Repo: GitHub - kamadorueda/santiago: Santiago is a lexing and parsing toolkit for Rust
Docs and examples: santiago - Rust

It provides a lexer much like Flex and a parser like GNU Bison, which are awesome tools but which are not compatible with Rust

And unlike lalrpop, pomelo, and pest which are also amazing libraries; santiago is able to handle any context-free grammar thanks to a more generic algorithm than LR(1) or LALR, allowing you to write grammars in a more natural way and care less about ambiguities, recursion, or transforming the rules in a way that the engine is happy with

So, It would be very nice if you pass by, give it a try, help me shake bugs, tell me what do you think and drop your star! :star2:

- Kevin


Some updates: :tada:


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