A knockoff iCue for my laptop

Been using this project to learn more about Rust. I originally went into it after I was presented with the fact that I could actually make my keyboard do more than 3 half-baked built-in effects, which led me to write the app and discover how much I enjoyed the language. I feel its a good time to get it reviewed now that its "mostly" stable.

The project is currently on github: GitHub - 4JX/L5P-Keyboard-RGB at dev

It may be approaching dependency hell, with every other "what if" that comes to my mind needing some external crate (Going by "Don't reinvent the wheel" and just me not being as experienced). Other than having to update about six different places to add a new effect, I feel its more or less properly organized.

The tldr of how it all works is:

  • A Keyboard struct contains the HID device and basic methods to set colors/brightness/etc
  • It is then wrapped by KeyboardManager which implements all the built-in effects and also holds the logic for the custom ones

It has support for both CLI (clap) and GUI (FLTK) use, the latter having just about everything under a common App struct.

Mostly want an external set of eyes to look at the code, as I might be missing some obvious flaws.

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