A Django-like ORM for Rust?

I've looked at several Rust ORMs, like Diesel and SeaORM, and they all look a lot like SQLAlchemy, that is they are, so to speak, abstractions over SQL with entities like query, filters, order_by, leaking into the ORM. I was very much fond of Django's approach, where the approach was the opposite: models were kind of magic objects that could be saved to (or conjured from) a database. I'm not sure it would make sense to go deeper into the difference in the approaches. But does anyone know if there are Django-like ORMs for Rust or if they are at all possible given the constraints of the language (and available features)?

PS: Django and SQLAlchemy are Python things (Django is a web-framework that has its own ORM and SQLAlchemy is an ORM)

Something like this, perhaps? https://crates.io/crates/butane

I have never used it, but it explicitly says that its design was inspired by Django's ORM.


Yes, that does look a lot like what I was looking for! Never came across it. Thank you

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