A crate to parametrize compile-time conditionals?

I have seen a crate to parametrize compile-time conditionals, but I lost it.
It makes possible to express complex conditionals like that below once and then reuse it.

  cfg( all
    not( all( feature = "default_ops", feature = "nalgebra" ) ),
    any( feature = "default_ops", feature = "nalgebra" ),

Please remind me.

cfg-if https://crates.io/crates/cfg-if ?

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Thank you. Although it seems cfg-if does not allow to create an alias and use alias instead of retyping whole conditional.


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Awesome! That what I have been looking for.
Do you think it has low impact on compile-time?

I can't tell.
It might be worth checking out how to do a benchmark for compile time.

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