A brief example to capture and manipulate this error using match. Thanks

Hi, A brief example to capture and manipulate this error using match??

use std::{fs, io};

// yes, i know that is a photo :slight_smile:
const ORIG: &str = "/mnt/z04/02_CONVERTIDOS/photo.jpeg";

// ==========================> MAIN
fn main() -> io::Result<()> {
for entry in fs::read_dir(ORIG)? { // inicia origen
let path = entry?.path();
// Get path string.
let path_str = path.to_str().unwrap();
println!("DIR IS: {}", path_str);

Error: Os { code: 20, kind: Other, message: "Not a directory" }

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Your error arises here, because ORIG is not a directory.

The ? is the error propagation operator in rust. If you use ? on a Result in a function which returns a Result, your error is propagated and the function returns exactly where the error occurred. Here is the relevant section from the book about error propagation and the ? operator.

If you want to catch the error and handle it inside your function, you could write something like this instead:

match fs::read_dir(ORIG) {
    Ok(entries) => { 
        for entry in entries {
            // ...
    Err(e) => {
        // handle error here, in your case ORIG not being a directory

Jajaja. Wonderful !!! Rust is excelent. I continue learn and study.
Thanks thanks a lot, Jofas.

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