8 bit chip tune synthesis in Rust?

Consider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v6GS4NfvF4

  1. Is this "8 bit chip tune" ? If not, what is it ?

  2. Is there a library for doing this type of sound synthesis in Rust? My focus is not the GUI part, but on the video part.

  3. I don't think (not sure) the output is MIDI, but it seems to be doing it's own synthesis of the pcm/wav data.

Any insights appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. It could be 8bit chiptune, even if these are songs made using a tracker (ProTracker), so more sampler than synthesiser (subtractive synthesis or FM), but anyway you can use filtering in tracker, so I guess that in a way you could call it 8bit chiptune
  2. Have a look here, anyway I think that messing around with DSP-Chain could be a good start.
  3. Old trackers were just sampler with limited polyphonic capacity (4 voices on Amiga SID chipset) and some basic frequency cut functionality, so no MIDI output AFAIK, so what you hear it is played by a sampler, no external synths. Anyway modern trackers (e.g.: Renoise) can send MIDI messages to external gears (e.g.: modular synths, drum machines, ...)
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