2016-2017 Rust conference coordination


I have heard of potentially three conferences coming up this year:

Is anyone else planning a conference or large event over the next near or two? If so, want to describe where and when you are thinking about having it so we don’t accidentally start planning competing events, and work out any other issues sooner rather than later? Is there anything the community team can help out with to get you up and running?

edit: RustConf has been announced!


FYI, RustConf is announced: http://rustconf.com/

It will be Sept 9-10, 2016, in Portland.


Is this the successor to RustCamp?


From what I gather, the (Tilde) pattern of conferences is to first hold a “Camp” and if that goes well then hold a “Conf”. The camp allows the team holding the camp to practice prior to holding a larger conference as well as gauge the public interest in such an event.

Tilde did an EmberCamp prior to EmberConf as well.


Yes. The idea is that “camp” evokes a lesser status than “conf” does; we used RustCamp as the name last year since it was our first conference. It was smaller, we wanted expectations to be a bit lower. This year’s RustConf should be bigger and better, so it gets the better name.


I have never been in Portland. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip :slight_smile:


I’d wait for announcement season to be over.


Alright. No travel arrangements made but I don’t have anything against traveling over the world and see new places anyway :slight_smile: