192 bytes: V or Rc<V>

I have a cache of the form:

A: RefCell<HashMap<K, V>>
B: RefCell<HashMap<K, Rc<V>>>

V here is 192 bytes.

Because of the RefCell, we can't return a &, (though we can return a Borrow ... but that becomes messy).

Choice A: we have to copy 192 bytes.

Choice B: We have to clone a Rc (but extra level of indirection); this is (?) 4 bytes on wasm32 ?

Is there an obvious right solution here? Both seems slightly optimal, 192 bytes = 3 cache lines; Rc approach = extra level of indirection.

Why not return a Ref<'_, V>?

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If you have to choose between these two, using RC would be the right choice most of the time, the indirection is not that impactful.
You can always benchmark it though.

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I believe a Ref<...> would require an immutable borrow of the RefCell<...>. This means, if, while we are holding the Ref, we do another piece of work which mutates the RefCell (say adding another entry into the cache), this would be a runtime panic.

A concrete way this can happen is:

let t: Vec<Key>;
let mut out = vec![];

for x in t  {

if we have an impl of get that is "if it exists, return old value; if not, calc new value, cache it, and return it", then this can result in a runtime error of "holding on to a Ref; while we try to insert a new item into the cache"

[I do concede none of this was in the original question.]

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