1 year anniversary of 1.0 coming up - how should we celebrate?


Some folks on the community team were thinking it would be fun if we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of 1.0 (Rust’s birthday, sort of?) on May 15.

So how should we celebrate? :tada:


It is a Sunday, and it doesn’t have to be on the exact day. Local meetups around the world would be fun… what about something that anyone could participate in even if they don’t have anyone else near them who does Rust? Like… posting a picture of yourself and the rust logo on twitter… or sharing something you’ve learned/enjoyed about Rust with #rustbirthday or something?


I’ve got an unannounced-yet-planned SF Bay Area meetup on Thursday 5/12, so I was hoping to have at least a cake or something for it :slight_smile:


We are also planning something around that time. Would it be possible to just encourage people to put meetups on the week after?


there’s nothing wrong with a birthday week!


I know we are past the date, but I wonder if we did a yearly commenmorative shirt. We had the airship ones for the 1.0 launch.


Some ideas from today’s community team meeting.

  • Hold some kind of contest on the forum, using the like button as a voting system.
  • Give out awards for deeds of the past year, things like most issues triaged, most PR’s, etc. (other ideas in the minutes).
  • Mail out limited edition stickers as prizes for the above.

@carols10cents took an action item to think about ideas for the contest and to start digging up stats for awards. I took one to think about stickers.