1 sentence challenge: What is programming?

My attempt: Programming is designating through the use of abstraction who will be responsible for which bugs.

Programming is an attempt to control complexity, especially incidental complexity.

Programming is the act of precisely describing how to perform an action.


...unless we speak of something declarative.

Programming is the act of making a computer do what we say rather than what we mean.


Programming is an upside down pyramid: more is built on less.

Programming is choosing names, invalidating cache, and a few corollary trivial tasks.


Programming is communicating a process to human readers in a way that allows a computer can discover its consequences.


Programming is the software equivalent of plumbing when we send, retrieve, redirect and store data but it primarily allows us to perform transformations on said data to extract meaningful information

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Looking up C++ syntax.


The act of configuring any kind of system to perform the actions that you desire it to perform.

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A fully detailed description of a working system

"Rust lang is plenty"

Programming is sculpture; the medium is logic.

Programming is describing a problem so clearly that it takes 0 IQ to solve it subsequently.

My son: "You do programming, aren't you good at math?"

Me: "No, what I do is more like electric beat poetry."

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